Stage 1 – Understanding Your Needs

Our initial consultation will enable us to understand the needs you have for your new home and the inclusions you are looking for. This may be based on our display home or a complete custom design.


We can also carry out an initial assessment of your land which will enable us to consider any design modifications required to suit your land. If you are in the process of purchasing land we would be pleased to help you to assess land that is best suited to meet your needs.


At this early stage, we will provide an initial cost estimate based on your design requirements and key inclusions.


Bardane Homes would also be pleased to prepare a cost estimate based on your own custom design. This initial stage is provided free of charge and is obligation free.


Stage 2 – Concept Design

The next stage in the process is the development of a concept design that has been customised to your needs.

To progress to this stage, a Preliminary Agreement will be prepared and upon payment of required fee, we will prepare a concept design based on the requirements you have outlined to us. At this stage a contour survey, drainage diagram and s149 Planning Certificate will be obtained.


The concept design will (at a minimum) include floor plans and the front elevation.


Upon your confirmation of the concept design, we will provide a price estimate to build your new home, detailing the inclusions.


Stage 3 – Plan Preparation and Building Authority Approvals

Once you are satisfied with your concept plan, the next stage in the building process is the preparation of detailed architectural plans and documentation required to obtain the necessary building approvals.


To progress to this stage, Bardane Homes will prepare a further Preliminary Agreement. Upon signing of this agreement and payment of the

required fee, Bardane Homes will prepare the necessary architectural plans and documentation required to lodge your Development Approval or Complying Development Certificate (DA / CDC).


We will also seek confirmation of your selections at this stage and prepare a detailed tender offer which will form part of the Building Contract.


Stage 4 – Building Contract

Bardane Homes will prepare a standard HIA Residential Building Contract which will contain necessary documentation including plans & specifications, your selections and the tender document.


The Residential Building Contract is signed and your payment of a 10% deposit (less monies paid to date) is made .


Bardane Homes will obtain the Construction Certificate and the construction of your home can commence.


NOTE: All plans and specifications remain the property of Bardane Constructions Pty Ltd as trustee for Bardane Homes